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Hello, I'm Robin Baumgarten!

I'm an artist, engineer and designer and create playful art installations in Berlin, Germany. My works range from award-winning one-dimensional hardware games, over strange wobbly spheres, to walls full of touch-sensitive metal springs that visualize quantum physics in a playful yet scientifically accurate manner.

My recent works are listed below, and older experiments and smaller artworks are linked in the menu. Many of the installations are available for exhibitions, some can be bought and others are one-offs.

I am a creator of interactive installations which revolve around tactile playfulness and immediate response: My installations invite human touch and respond with playful, vivid and physical reactions.

Playful, because we have to take things serious in too many aspects of our lives, and I feel art can (and should be!) the antidote: an exciting game, a fun surprise, a delightful make-belief.

Vivid, because I love color, light and motion. Fluid animations and high framerates, paired with immediate response to input are goals I set myself when building my installations. Much like in video games, this 'juiciness' is the secret sauce that makes interactions impactful, fun and memorable.

Physical, because too many of our daily interactions are practically virtual - be it on featureless touch screens or with VR surfaces that offer no resistance. I advocate physical tactile feedback, forceful reactions and noisy oscillations.

My medium of choice in my current works reflects all of these: metal springs that wobble, dance, and push back against touch, which is measured with precise sensors and visualized in bright and fluid colors on large LED arrangements that defy common grid structures. I have worked with springs and vibration over the last 9 years and continue working my findings into the hardware that makes up my art.

The creative process for most of my art involves a bottom-up approach that starts with curiosity about an interaction and its capture, and continues with an explorative phase where I research all facets of this interaction and collect the most striking ones, searching for cohesive and satisfying art installations revolving around these simple interactions.

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