Small Experiments and Older Works

I've been working with custom controllers and weird hardware for a long time, and have been showing them at exhibitions since 2013. Most of these are documented on my old website, which is archived here:

I've added some of my favourite of these works in the gallery below, linked to their page on my old website.

A Dozen Sliders with motorized, computer-controlled sliders and minigames

Knife To Meet You - with a knife on a motor.

ROTATOЯ - Triple Force Feedback Wheel Controller

RubberArms: An experimental Stretch Controller Game  

Schrödinger's Litterbox - a display-less cat-petting-game

Super Light Combat is a one-dimensional two-player fighting game

The Winds of Venus is a Zeppelin flying game with its own custom force-feedback controller crafted from an old Radio Box.

Wobble Garden is the small ancestor of Quantum Jungle

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