Hyper Wobbler

Hyper Wobbler is an interactive multiplayer art installation collaboratively created by Berlin based artists Robin Baumgarten and Philipp Helldorfer, where 3 participants control multi-dimensional beings working towards completing timing and puzzle challenges. The installation uses bespoke metal spring joysticks and a dodecahedron with LEDs and two-way mirror faces, leading to an illusion of an endlessly-mirrored sea of lights. The task of the players is to make sense of this universe and navigate it to reach their goals.

Hardware Design

Philipp Helldorfer built a beautiful infinity-mirror dodecahedron made with high-density LED strips, 3D printed edges, and purpose-built PCBs. 

Robin Baumgarten took three controllers of Line Wobbler and connected them to an ESP32 Microchip that controls the game and updates the LEDs. 

Game Design

Three players work together to find themselves, navigate a mirrored maze of lines, overcome obstacles and beat a variety of levels.

The game is a mutation of Line Wobbler, multiplayer and the line is in an infinity mirror dodecahedron, with twists, turns and junctions.


Philipp Helldorfer

Philipp designed and built the dodecahedron and table structure of Hyper Wobbler. He's a Berlin based freelance mechanical engineer with a profound enthusiasm for light art and kinetic sculptures. 

Web: https://helldorfer-engineering.com/

Insta: @helldorfer_engineering

Robin Baumgarten

I worked on the programming and game-design. More of my works are on other pages of this website.

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